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Within this site, you will find: book reviews (mainly for children in English Primary Years 3 – 6); interviews with some of the authors who have written these books and kindly given me permission to take up some of their valuable time; and also, ideas for how to use these books in your classroom (the site is aimed at teachers of children in those year groups, but also anyone who is interested in book talk), which is in no way a complete or even a comprehensive list (modesty is not my strong point) but a starting point in getting excited about using a book in the classroom (which I think is probably the best ‘hook’ to start teaching a series of lessons from).

Please do get in touch if you have any better ideas of how to use the books – I think pictures of things that have worked in the classroom would really help this small website inspire more people and show the potential of the books more; however, I do not have the capacity to do that myself yet.

I have writen about other subjects in here as well, as reading is not my specialism, but my own personal interest.

Find below some of the books I have reviewed, and enjoy!

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